Upon the issue of the Ministerial Decision (Government Gazette 406/section B/09-02-2018), the structure, staffing and responsibilities of MoD’s Integrated Administrative Sector have been institutionalized; the Integrated Administrative Sector was established in 1994 (Government Gazette 480/section B/17-6-1994) primarily to harmonize and coordinate matters relating to MoD’s civilian personnel.

The said Ministerial Decision on the determination of the structure, form and staffing of the Integrated Administrative Sector aims at creating an environment for contemporary management and qualitative improvement of MoD’s Civilian Personnel.


The Integrated Administrative Sector has been assigned with the harmonization, coordination and handling of matters pertaining to the civilian personnel of the Ministry of National Defence (MoD) and in particular, the personnel that is working in MoD’s General Directorates and Divisions, as well as in Units or Services under the Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS), the Hellenic Navy General Staff and the Hellenic Air Force General Staff (HAFGS).

Organization Chart

Special Secretary’s Independent Bureau

The Special Secretary’s Independent Bureau has the following tasks:

a) Assisting the Special Secretary in performing of her duties, as well as supporting the organization of her public attendances and visits to the MoD’s premises.

b) Taking care of the Special Secretary’s correspondence and keeping files and records.

c) Organizing and supporting the Special Secretary’s communication with public services and citizens.

Legal Advisor’s Independent Bureau

The Legal Advisor’s Independent Bureau is responsible for providing legal support on matters that fall under the competence of the Special Secretary and the Integrated Administrative Sector. In particular, the Bureau:

a) Provides opinions and legal advice on emerging legal and administrative matters;

b) Proceeds with the review of the legality of matters that are referred by the General Staffs’ Civilian Personnel Directorates to the Special Secretary’s bureau.