Wednesday, 25 July 2018 09:32

Meeting between the Special Secretary with Employee Unions representatives about Unhealthy Occupation Benefits



On the initiative of the Special Secretary, Ms. Kalliopi Papaleonida, a meeting was held on Thursday, April 26th 2018, with representatives from Employee Unions (MoD/POE – MoD/POTKE – EMDYDAS) on the redefinition of the framework for the payment of the hazardous and unhealthy occupation benefits, in accordance with article 396 of L. 4512/2018.

The Special Secretary informed the above representatives on the forthcoming submission of a relevant Memo on behalf of her bureau to the competent Interministerial Committee, aiming at assisting the latter with its work and in view of the submission of a relevant opinion by the said Committee to the jointly competent ministers until 30.5.2018, by demonstrating the particularities of MoD resulting from both the wide range of work places and the special conditions prevailing therein and the large number of persons entitled to such an allowance.